Christian Louboutin Mary Jane/Iowa sizing

  1. Hi

    I'm new here. I was wondering if the Christian Louboutin mary jane platform/iowa run true to size. Does it?

    Merci to all
  2. The "Iowa Zeppa" and "Iowa" both run quite small, certainly not true-to-size. Size up by at least 1/2 a size (smaller sizes/narrower feet), or a full size (for the larger sizes).
  3. I went a half size up and they were way too tight. I recommend going a full size up.
  4. in my case I did size up 1/2 a size only. They were a little tight at first by the toes but eventually stretched and took the shape on my foot. Now they are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own.
  5. i always wanted one. will i still find them in stores? or am i too late?
  6. What size do you need? I know the boutiques all sold-out of that shoe as of early summer. Your best bet at this point would be eBay. NM is probably all sold-out as well and other dept. stores never got that style to begin with.
  7. francisd

    The Iowas are readily available in Saks right now. They have a couple sizes left on the website. If they don't have your size, you could always call and ask them to look for one. I called for my size and they were available at many Saks. The Iowa Zeppas I am pretty sure they have some at NM. I saw them a couple weeks ago. My friend bought one recently too. If the NM nearby doesn't have your size, you could always ask the SA to look for one also.
  8. hey guys..

    thanks for the advice. I'm usually a 39 so i think i am going too go up to a 39.5.

    Just a question, if i wear in alicette 39.5 should i get the same size in the platform mary-janes?
  9. I also went up a 1/2 size from a 39 to a 39 1/2.
  10. I have the Alicette and wear them in the same size as the Iowas. The peeptoe on the Iowas was a little snug the first few times I wore them. However, they eventually stretched out with wear.