Christian Louboutin Manicure!

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  1. I searched and couldn't find anything on this. I posted here because it's a nod to my favorite shoes!

    I'm totally going to do this! It's so funky!
  2. Someone had posted about this before. I don't know where the thread is. But I think it is very cool but I would think it only last a couple of days because of the underside unless you have fake nails?
  3. Loves it... dont think i would ever go for it.
  4. i love how super funky it is, but knowing me, the underside will be gone in 2 days. sucks.

  5. Damn. Sorry guys. I really did search. I guess this thread can be closed then. Sorry.

    I pm'd a Mod to close this thread.
  6. Wait!!! Before this thread gets closed, what shoe is that :drool:.
  7. take pics
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.