Christian Louboutin Making an Appearance in SATC Movie

  1. A friend of mine works for 60 Thompson and a scene from SATC was filmed there last week, she told me that the girls from SATC were having dinner with Monsieur Louboutin. She doesn't know many details but she did say that the set actually used extras for waiters and hotel staff. This seems a bit strange since there are already waiters and hotel staff there?!!? But I guess that is Hollywood.
    I can't wait to see this movie, and now knowing that Christian Louboutin is going to be making an appearance makes it even more exciting. I just hope that this kind of exposure isn't going to bastardize the brand. It was bittersweet to see what happened to Manolo Blahnik once SATC started their branding.
  2. ^ITA
    I hope no one is going to egg me but I actually am not a fan of the show precisely because avid show viewers saw the women as fashion icons and for me they were bad fashion shepherds *sorry*

    While I am not anticipating the aftershock effects of the movie I probably will watch it now that Mr. Louboutin might be on :angel:
  3. I totally agree. But I also agree with ledaatomica, the wardrobe for SATC is always a bit off. Except the one episode where Carrie goes to some premier with Burger after buying him Prada, I love what she wears to the premier. She had some crazy metal ring handle bag with long tassels.. it was gorgeous. :heart:

    From what I have seen of the movie wardrobe so far, it looks pretty bad. :sad:
  4. I agree . . .
  5. I agree also..what I've seen of the SATC movie wardrobe is atrocious! Especially that wedding dress SJP was wearing. I'm not a fan of those Dior gladiator pumps she was wearing either in another scene. Even the CL she wore for her "last night with Big" I thought were a bit "WTF?" as they didn't go with her outfit at all. I didn't like her big fake flower accessories.

    I'm still trying to find the white Manolos she wore in a couple of episodes and then of course the white Pigalle she wore in Paris.
  6. Totally agree on the wardrobe then & now.
    It seems very thrown together. Some things should not make it off the runway.
  7. Thanks for the info, I agree this is a bittersweet development as I am protective of the brand as I think you all are. Kamilla you are so correct in pointing out what happened to Manolo after the smash success of the show. I hope CL can fly below the radar. I must admit I do like the show, but many of the outfits are questionable.