Christian Louboutin MAD MARY SIZE Guide Help

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  1. I own a pair of mad mary's patent in size 3 uk which is my normal size however i feel that the toe box is a little to tight. Worn them out once for a couple of hours but felt my toes where getting squished so do i keep them or sell them on and find a half size up.

    Any suggestions on how i can open them out?:confused1:
  2. My patent VPs squish my toes like crazy, but I just suck it up and hope they stretch out. Patent Mad Marys are so hard to find these days, that I would totally not let them go!
  3. Don't go up because the length will be too long. They will stretch out. I have these and my toes were a little scrunched as well but I've worn them a couple of times and it does get better. My Rolandos and Rolandes which are essentially the same style took a little while as well. Do you love them? I wouldn't sell them if I were you but then again, they were one of my HGs!
  4. This and the other one really need to go to the sizing thread.
  5. wear them with two thick pairs of socks around the house and stuff them with socks when you are not wearing them.
  6. I own a pair also and i bought it in a us 37 and my toes feel like they're getting cruched...i brought it back to the store and had them stretch it out for me...feels much better (but the mad mary's did run a bit small) but none the less still one of my favorites. I say hang on to them, by far one of the hottest pairs of shoes ever.
  7. can i see the pictures? I also want a pair of 38. Can't find it. Is there anybody like to sell?
  8. ^^Sorry, we are not allowed to sell on here. You should check ebay, they are on there often.