Christian Louboutin handbag

  1. So, I'm looking for a good bag to get this season and I've been torn between the YSL majorelle, the Marc Jacobs rihanna and a loewe napa.aire(even though it's a year old). But then I saw this Louboutin bag, and something about it appeals to me. I think it's the high heel kiss-lock closure. Maybe i've just been staring at purses too long for one sitting. I'm also trying to figure out whether it would look awkward if i carried the small handle and left the shoulder one just dangling.

    opinions anyone?
  2. I like the bag just not crazy about the small handle. But the rest of the bag is really cute. It's probably gorgeous in person.
  3. Omg, the high heel closure is SO cute! The rest of the bag is ok- I'm not really a fan of the small handle.
  4. I don't like the small strap just hanging there on such a nice looking purse. I think the closure is great.
  5. The closure is too cute! But I don't really like the dangling handle either.
  6. ^I agree with everyone!
  7. I resurrected this old thread because I am curious what people think about the Christian Louboutin handbag line in general?

    I have this one that I purchased a few years ago and love it (although I feel I can only wear it with certain colors because it is a bright blue)



    Does any own one? What do y'all think of the line?
  8. I like the closure too, its adorable, but I dont really like the small handle.