Christian Louboutin for....????

  1. Hi.

    I heard that Christian Louboutin made some shoes for Versace??
    And guess what.. Red soles??!!

    Is that true??
  2. I cannot answer that question but I know he made shoes, with red soles, for L'Wren Scott.

    It was my wife's Birthday on the 12th so I bought these for her.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 5.jpg L'Wren Scott.jpg
  3. i have no idea if CL did make any shoes for Versace and Derek Lam but hell, those soles are red for sure!
  4. panrixx- Like those

    Ladydeluxe- Check this out: These are pics from the latest Versace ads with Gisele:






  5. CL did make shoes for Derek Lam and he has for Rodarte as well as other designers. I'm not sure if he did for Versace, but the Versace shoes in question definitely look like something he would design.
  6. The more I look at those shoes the more they look like CLs!

  7. [​IMG]
  8. CL has designed shoes for many fashion designers, many shoe designers do this for runway shows, Manolo Blahnik most frequently. But these Versace shoes were not designed by Louboutin so I still can't understand why Versace would use the red soles.

    Of course many designers have used red soles in the past, Cesare Paciotti, Miu Miu and others. But I feel that now that Louboutin has basically made it his 'logo', then other brands shouldn't be doing it as well. Especially since I believe that the red sole is now Louboutin's patent.

    What does everyone think about this?
  9. If those aren't designed by Louboutin, that's definately going to be a mess for Versace!!

    I mean how could they????!!!!
  10. Precisely! It's unthinkable for such an established fashion house to do such a thing. How are people so sure CL did not design them?
  11. ^^I mentioned it to my SA at the CL boutique, and she told me that they were not designed by CL. That was my confirmation.

    Someone should call the Versace boutique to see what they say. Also I read somewhere that Versace has used red soles in the past, I don't personally recall it but I just read that a few seasons ago there were red soles on Versace shoes.
  12. I'm definately calling!! but not now it's 2am!
  13. I just think that Versace is ridiculous for blatantly copying Louboutin's famed sole. I mean get your own niche!

    (But I do have to admit, I do like some of the shoes pictured...:push:smile:
  14. Those shoes look very CL-like to me (as in the style/design & heel shape, not just the red soles). I'd be interested in hearing the official word on whether CL was involved in the collection (Versace PR/headquarters or CL press office should know). I found that sometimes the CL boutique SA's aren't as up-to-date on these types of company/fashion PR-related info; most of SA's are knowledgeable only about existing/upcoming shoe styles and day-to-day boutique sales. Anyone here got any insider scoop through Versace?
  15. CL wasn't the first to paint the soles of shoes red, it's funny how now it's his trademark. Regardless, those Versace shoes are hot. Some of the soles look orange to me and not red.