Christian Louboutin - Foot Candy

  1. Found these on sale $297.50, a few good sizes left.
  2. I don't see link:confused1:
  3. i just bought a pair that went down to 100$ thanks!
  4. what style was it?
  5. Great Jimmy Choo sandals but I don't see any CLs for less than $300.
  6. also has good sales - not much of a selection but a couple of styles were reduced a lot.
  7. be careful, Barney's tends to cancel a ton of orders and not until many (3-5) days later. that's not to say things people have ordered haven't shipped, but there have been a lot of complaints (including myself) of their delayed cancellations just so you know.

  8. No CL's in those Bargain Basement areas - sorry if I misled anyone. Just lots of other cute shoes.