Christian Louboutin Espadrilles $150

  1. At the Boston Barneys New York there are a bunch of Christian Louboutin tie up espadrilles for $150. I'm sure they are also the same price at the other Barneys stores, if they haven't sold out first.

    It's also online

    There are other styles:


  2. I love the 2nd pair, but it says they only have a size 9. :sad:
  3. Do they run big or small?
  4. Louboutin's espadrilles run REALLY small IMHO. I have the tie up espadrilles in the first link and had to get them a full size and a half bigger than what I normally wear in shoes.

    For example, I wear a 7.5 in shoes, buy Louboutin pumps in an 8, but had to get the tie up espadrilles in a 9.

    I could kick myself for not holding out and waiting to get these on sale. :crybaby::sad:
  5. I never tried the espadrilles but I find Louboutins to be true to size. I wear the same in Louboutins as Manolos as Jimmy Choos.
  6. sweet :smile: just got a pair of CL espadrilles !!
  7. ooh well done Ally. What ones did you go for.
    I love the espadrilles. If I hadnt already had my holiday, I would be seriously tempted ;)
  8. i got the pinkish looking ribbong ones! i think the official name on the site was oyster :smile:.
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