Christian Louboutin Decollete sizing?

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  1. Do they run true to size or should i go bigger or smaller?

    Please advize!

    Thanks all!!!
  2. Most definitely size up -- AT LEAST 1/2 a size; for the larger sizes and/or those with wide feet, size up a full size. Decollete 868 runs very much on the small side.

    What size are you in other CL styles?
  3. i bought a alicette bootie in a 39.5 ...

    I thought i hada to go smaller for the decollete!
  4. 1/2 size up
  5. From my recollection the "Alicette" style runs small, so you might take the same size as Alicette in Decollete 868.
  6. I would recommend sizing up at least a 1/2 size, if not a full size. I find the decolletes run very narrow in the front as compared to other CLs.

    For example, I wear a 38.5 in the decolletes, and wear a 38 in the Alicette, 38 in the very prove pump, a 38.5 in CL's slingbacks, and a 37.5 in the simply pump and wallis maryjanes. Seems the only thing consistent about the sizing of Louboutins are their inconsistency.
  7. In my experience, you have to size up 1 whole size from your true size. I like to have room in the toe box.
  8. If it's any help, i'm a 38 in patent very prives, 38.5 in the pewter patent decolettes and 39 in the tiger patent decolettes. I have a medium to narrow foot. I have found that my patent decolettes have 'given' a little after wearing and are more comfortable now.
  9. I just received my Decolettes and I sized up 1/2 size and they fit, but they were TERRIBLY uncomfortable. I wear heels frequently and these had the worst pitch, they literally throw you forward. You MUST have a very high arch to wear these shoes, IMO....
  10. I have the patent Zeppa Vernice Decolette, the one with the wooden platform and higher heel. I am a US 8.5. I bought size 39.5 and they fit snugly. The toe box is sooo small I had to stretch them. They are perfect now.
  11. At least 1/2 to 1 size up. I got the 868 in black jazz one full size up.
  12. I'm a US 9 and take a 40.5 in the patent ones as that is more comfortable than the 40. But, I sold all of my decolletes or I'm in the process of doing so because they are the most uncomfortable CL to me. lol

    Mine were all patent versions though so perhaps I would feel slightly different if they were leather. Beautiful shoe though. :smile:
  13. I like the closed toe CL shoes but I'm unsure as to what style will be more comfortable. I own a VP in size 40 but experience major heel slippage on the left foot eventhough the toe box pinches my toes already. right foot is actually ok. So now I'm unsure, am I a size 39.5 or still size 40? And for the Decollete style, am I supposed to go with size 40 still or 40.5?
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    Are these uncomfortable because there's no platform? The VPs are 5 inches high but I've noticed they were quite comfortable because of the platforms. I really want to get one of these styles, but I'd like something that won't be as uncomfortable, like you said. Any suggestions? Bruges perhaps?
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