Christian Louboutin Covered Brown Platforms @ Barneys $365.00

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  1. OO:huh:OOO They should match my new bag....
    Why did you have to post these, now I have to wonder...
    Should i get them or not??
    What size did you get in these and what size are you normally, because louboutins usually run small or really small.
  2. Hi Minnie-
    I am normally a 8 - 8 1/2 in other shoes but in CL'S I am always a 39, So I would size up at least a half size. hope this helps!!!! These shoes are divine I bought them in Brown and in Black
  3. FROM WHERE???!?!? On the website??
    Do you think this color ^^^
    it will match a Gold togo birkin? Thanks
  4. Yes at the Barneys NY Website, I have a cognac birkin and theses shoes dont excatly match but they really compliment each other , so I know it would definetly go with a gold birkin
  5. Damn, I wish they had my size.
  6. I have the nude patent ones, these shoes do run at least a half size small.
  7. I missed out once again ....very upsetting because I think these shoes are beyond hott!!! Please do post real pics when they arrive!
  8. I always love the Rolandes but was afraid to get one because of the height? I always ask this question to a lot of girls. How do you seriously walk in them?? Are they comfy to go clubbing? ahaha.
  9. If you're comfortable with heels already, the rolandes are no different. My problem is they need to be stretched more. My fourth toe is seriously being squished in them. I wouldn't wear these clubbing until I have broken them in.
  10. I love these shoes, I saw them in black patent and they are hot. I tried them on but they were dreadfully uncomfortable for me, I think it's because of the pointy nose.
  11. beware that your order on will most likely not go through because they pull stock from stores and dont even look at your order for atleast 3 business days and by that time, the shoe has already sold out in the store that had the original stock. Its better to call a store and have them do inventory search.