~christian Louboutin Cork Pump Please Help~

  1. what do you guys think of this CL cork pump??! I've been contemplating for the past few weeks and I'm not sure if I should get it...any suggestions?? in terms of the style?? color...anything?! thanks in advance!
  2. I have been contemplating these too. I already bought other caulk shoes so not sure if I would get much use out of these.
  3. Sorry, I don't love them. Looks almost scary.
  4. They always look different on.
    At first I didnt like them but after I got a pair of Stewart Weitzman Fever pump in cork i like this cl.
    Try them on before u get them.
  5. I like the style but not the material.
  6. love them :tup:
  7. I like the very prive shoe. The cork doesn't bother me.
  8. LOVE those! I liked it at first sight, but didn't love it...but as soon as I saw those IRL and tried them on I had to have them. The cork color is actually a skin-tone color so it's quite flattering for just about any body type (as it elongates your legs), and the material is very high-quality -- cork affixed to high-quality leather....so much longer-lasting than your ordinary cork shoe. Louboutin does cork shoes like none other I have to say (starting with the major-hit "Bruges" style back in 2005).
  9. The cork wouldn't bother me if it was only on the platform & heel, but since it looks like the cork is all over the shoe - i would be a bit apprehensive, since cork can get dry and crumble off :sad:
  10. It's different. Cant go wrong with the very prive style. It would look great with a denim skirt...but is it a "must have"??? :shrugs:
  11. I have these!
    I got them from Saks last year and I really like them. Because of the material, it's funkier than their traditional platform heels. The cork has bits of gold peeking through, which is pretty. Since it's a nude color, it goes with a lot of things too. I like it that they're different.
  12. Adore the style but I don't know that I like the material.
  13. they're ok. careful when it rains!!
  14. thanks everyone! hmm I went to Saks on friday...but they didn't have the shoes in stock so i guess i should take advantage of their free shipping and order this shoes so maybe I could at least try it on around the house and who knows i might decide by then...gosh that is so true nycbelle!! what if it rains?! Im doomed!! :shrugs: what about the sizing?? hubbawubba is it true to size? thanks in advance!!