Christian Louboutin "Bruges" platform shoe

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  1. Have been salivating over these shoes, and found an almost identical pair at (style is Lalo). Check them cute!!
  2. I have been looking at those shoes too! I was a little weary of buying an imitation and thought I would call my mall and see if they had them in my size when I had a friends and family 30% deal. They only had a size 7 left, and I have big old 9's. I took that as a sign I should hold off and buy the real thing but those lalos are cute. What color are you getting? I was looking at black patent leather.
  3. I got them in red....I have a few great pair of black shoes, and because of my tiny closet here in HK, I have to be choosy. I think the red will be cute mixed up with some different colors....opinion????
  4. Gorgeous as well.....thanks for the link, I'll check to see if they deliver internationally!
  5. Your welcome. Stuart Weitzman's are very well made and are comfortable to me. It looks like they ship internationally--but you have to use American Express.
  6. Went back and looked some more....those shoes are so...cute! I have never worn Stuart Weitzman before....I always thought they were much more practical than that!!!
  7. Some of the SW shoes are on the practical side--but he does some fun stuff too.