Christian Louboutin blue patent simple pumps...

  1. Anyone have these? I can only find them in a 35.5 and I am a true 35 but I have one pair of 34.5 in Simple pumps kid leather...and theyre a tad bit tight at the toe box area...but not so so bad I cant wear them...just feel a tad squished when I do walk too much in them...

    I just was wondering how these ran for most people?
  2. For summer bare leg wear, I size up to a 42. in the winter with stockings (and after some stretching out) a 41 is fine. I am a true 11.
  3. Here it is!! YAY



  4. The color is beautiful! How does it fit?
  5. ^^they fit great, just a tad bit big since theyre a 35.5 and Im a true 35

    I did notice this pair of simple pumps allowed for more toe cleavage than on my non-patent leather simple pumps...and its not because its too big, i cant even push my toes in it seems like the cut is more open and allows some more toe cleavage...
  6. Gorgeous!
  7. calisnoopy - beautiful shoes. i am also a between size 34.5 and 35 and wondering where you found your CL is sz35? i'm always having a hard time looking for small sizes. Also how high are the heels of you simple pump.
  8. this pair is 70 mm but my leather black ones are 100mm i think...and i have a pair of simple pumps in 85mm as well called "miss allen j" in leopard print

    I basically have to rely on good SAs...I have an awesome one at Barneys in Beverly Hills and also calling around the SAs at the CL boutique and getting them to send me pics of all their size 34.5-35 shoes =)

    I feel your pain though!!!
  9. Beautiful! :tup:

    Where did you find these?
  10. I found the card of the SA i bought it from:

    Pauleta Alexieva

    Let her know Cory referred you and you wanted the blue patent simple pumps...theyre 70mm =)