Christian Louboutin Black Suede Declic 140 video, treat for you girls!

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  1. Added the Alti 160 Black Patent

    Sorry about the cutting of the heel at some points, I didn't realize my mac was doing that. I soon will be uploading more styles. Enjoy!
  2. Beautiful shoes! The 160's look SO high though, how do you keep them on your feet to walk? They look like they might slip off at any moment. I don't like the Zebra pony hairs with the print of the stockings though, I think it's too much print but the shoes themselves are pretty :biggrin:
  3. Yeah, perhaps I should of made the video with plain opaque black tights. And the Altis are actually very comfortable! And extremely sexy! :graucho:
  4. Hhhm....I can't be the only one getting a weird vibe from this thread. Surely, I am not?
  5. A weird vibe? Surely you can speak up, for "weird vibe" could be interpreted in many ways. Perception is a funny thing.
  6. I am loving the Altis!!!!
  7. Thank you :smile:! I love my Alti's as well. They are beautiful! I certainly recommend everyone to purchase a pair of Alti 160, they are comfortable !
  8. wow, i love how you walk in your beauties with such ease. wonderful shoes, elle!

  9. I just looked at your collection and saw a pair that looks somewhat like the alti but appear to be suede or satin, I don't think I've ever seen that style, what is it called? I love it! They are after black suede booties and before what appear to be grey python HP
  10. Thanks!
  11. are those the 38s i missed the boat on!!! hehe..they really look great and you do walk with ease!
  12. LOL, ironically the ones I am wearing on the video are size 38!
  13. OMG really!!! I wonder... either way they're amazing!