Christian Louboutin bags

  1. :jammin: Hey, I am bit new here, but serached the forum and have not found any mentioning at all.... have anybody seen bought the new Christian Louboutin bags from a/w 06 collection. What do you think of them?
  2. I have never seen them ???? Where can we see pics?
  3. ^^ditto!
  4. Would love to see one and probably would love to buy one, but never even heard of them.
  5. i wish julia-re'nay showed better photos of their items! nonetheless, the bag looks really really gorgeous....
  6. i reeeally love this bag from his summer '07 collection.... reminds me of helmut lang! :cry:

  7. I like that Ebay one, it looks a lot like Ferragamo. Very nice.
  8. I'd love to see more of their bags!!
  9. Well here's one that I use as my 'lunch' bag, the only Christian Louboutin bag I have - the Aionoeud (the spelling baffles me, :upsidedown:)

    Anyway you can go and see more Louboutin bags (and shoes) on the website: Christian Louboutin - Luxury red sole shoes and more....
  10. You own the most glamorous bag I have ever seen!!!!:heart: :heart: :heart: !!

    Thanks for the link. All of the handbags are gorgeous. Wish there was somewhere around here for me to buy one.
  11. Not into the bags, but hope to own some shoes soon.
  12. I'll stick to the shoes...