Christian Louboutin Avedere Suede Boots for $1120.00

  1. Ok I can't lie, these totally remind me of the Manolo Okla Boot craze back in 2002-2003...and yes I can't lie I did get a pair back then!LOL These are already sold out at Neiman Marcus online and I'm sure at other places as what are your thoughts on these? Would you pay $1120.00 for them? I know once a few celebs are seen wearing them their going to take off in popularity as always!
  2. Personally, I wouldn't but that's cause i think they're butt ugly lol
  3. ^^^LOL at least you're being honest!:yes: I know some would buy them even though they are thinking the same thing...all because they saw their favorite "celeb" with them on...
  4. I don't like those at all. I didn't like the MB ones when they were out either.
  5. I agree with the others. A big nay for me.
  6. I didn't like the MB ones that were out either at first but eventually they grew on me and I gave in like I knew I more than likely would...
  7. Ditto.
  8. eh i don't like them
  9. This was the boot that Naomi Campbell wore last winter during her community service. Supposedly this style was just a proto at the time, but because of the numerous calls that the CL boutiques received after all the NY papers featured her wearing them, he decided to incorporate the boot as part of the Fall collection.
  10. this style is a bit over, imo. Manolo was original and interesting at the time but it's too late for it now.