Christian Louboutin Ankle Boot

  1. CL Ankle Boot.jpg

    Does anyone have these? Are they comfy considering the heel is like 4 inches? Did you order one size bigger than your usual as most sites recommend?

    I really, really want these for work and I have some what of a trek from the parking lot to the office building, so wanted to get some feedback before getting these. Well I may just get them anyways but hopefully my fellow PFers can offer some helpful feedback. :idea:
  2. Sorry I'm no help but these are super cute! :smile:
  3. They have them at net a porter now too :smile:, and it recommends to go up one size :smile:

    If you order from them, its free shipping at the moment too, if you add FREESHIP1 in

    I love them, I am seriously tempted.
  4. i can't help you!but those are one pair of really gorgeous ankle boots!:heart:
  5. Well ladies, bought these off Will post pics and report on sizing/comfort, etc. if anyone's interested.

    I'm so excited! :yahoo:
  6. Those are gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see pics!!
  7. ^Aw thanks hun, will definitely post pic's when I get them.
  8. They all sold out within one hour of being on NAP!!

    But a couple of pairs have been returned, so if anybody is looking for a size 39, get in quick!

    Will post piccies when mine arrive tomorrow :biggrin:
  9. WOW, Ladies definitely post pics, these are definitely the most gorgeous ankle boots I have seen. I've been eyeing them myself for a while on I just might have to get them...dang they are sexy. :P
  10. chloe-babe mine arrive tomorrow too (I hope)...I'm so excited!
  11. I have these. I LOVE them. I bought the same size that I wear in all other Louboutin shoes. I normally wear a nine in most shoes, but in Louboutins I wear a 10. These shoes are gorgeous and I find them comfortable also.
  12. ooooh cannot wait to see those gorgeous red soles!!! :yahoo:

    I went a whole size bigger in the end as I have heard that they are very narrow? Did you go up a size too :smile:
  13. ahhh Morgan thats great to know :smile:

    So, have you worn them out yet? and were they fairly easy to walk in?

  14. those are so pretty...where are the pics, ladies??
  15. I ended up going with a 6 in black as that was the only size left in that color. I usually wear a 5-51/2 in shoes so hopefully the six isn't too small. I'll be bummed if they don't fit! :crybaby: Let's see piccies as I'm still at work and my package is waiting for me at home...I'm so anxious!