CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Altadama Python Platform 40 HELP

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  1. Okay...I keep going back and forth on this subject.
    I bought the CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Altadama Python Platform in a 40.
    They are so too small for me.
    I was thinking...well I could have them stretched.....but they are a 10" insole and I always need a 10.5"
    Should I sell them and look for the 41, stretch these.....or go with the CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN TAN PYTHON FONTANETTE in 41.
    I kind of think the double platform may be too much for work.
  2. :wtf::wtf::wtf: Where did you get them from? I lust for these!

    Considering that they are an open-toe shoe, you aren't going to have enough length to stretch them half an inch - your toes will be hangig over the edge. By half and inch. I guess it depends on your workplace, if double platforms are a yay or a nay. These are pretty neutral and more classy than slutty, methinks.
  3. I got them from Saks...last ones in any size I could wear.....I lusted for them so bad I was like.....IIIII WILLLLL MAKKKKEEEE YOUUUUU WOOORKKKK.....but my feet said...HEY Crazy...we can not do this.
    Well I am a programmer and they never dress nice or anything around here. I know I would get looks. Maybe they are too much.
    I guess I should sell them?
  4. It depends on how they look. If your toes are hanging off the front then sadly, let them go. But if it's just tight in the toe box, I think you will be able to work with them. Do you have any pictures of them on?

    *bitstuff, I believe these were also available on sale at footcandy
  5. b00m, yes they were. But my order was cancelled and I wasn't the only one in this corner of the internet. :cursing:

    I agree, HalieB, if they're just too tight, then they'll loosen up. If they're too short and you have to let them go, at least you can buy a new pair with the proceeds! From somewhere...
  6. ^^They also have them at Nodstroms
  7. Oh yeah! Now I remember your drama, Bitstuff! Sorry :s
  8. These are actually watersnake and if the length is a problem you probably won't be able to stretch them. Sorry. :sad:

    Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom and Saks carried them last fall. I think Saks is going to have them again but the price has increased.
  9. surly missed out on them too.
  10. ^^^ Yeh, my order from footcandy was cancelled. I can not be in anyway objective, HalieB. I have to recuse myself from responding to your thread. LOL! I'll check back later to see what you decided!
  11. Watersnake...yes that is what it says on the box...sorry. Yeah Footcandy is sold out. I think a 41 would be best for me.
    I have my RonRon at the shop getting the toe box stretched. I think I will see how those turn out on Tuesday.
    I wore them for about an hour and they about killed my poor toes. I love them and they are the most Fab shoe in the world.
    My best friend puts them on and lays in my bed looking at them...then tells me she wishes I was not Godzilla or they would be in her bag on the way home with her.

    I am just so scared I will not find them in the other size....then no fab shoes. It was hard getting these.
    I am going crazy over this.
  12. Just keep them until you can find another pair of Altadamas. You can still look at them even if you can't really wear them out; and there will always be someone willing to buy the original pair, especially if they're getting harder to find.

    Did you know that you can get your toes shortened surgically? :graucho:
    Its dangerous but people still do it. Perhaps if one was a size 44, one would consider it. Much less scary than having your legs lengthened though, and people do that as well.

    Getting too OT here; the bottom line is that if you're not ready to say goodbye to the Altadamas, don't!
  13. They really are the most fab shoe! I agree with bitstuff ... if you can't be without them, just hold onto them until you find a pair in your size. You can always sell them when the time comes. I suspect there may be a few of us duking it out if we see them posted in the HTF thread! :boxing:
  14. Okay...I think I have to be sensible.

    I will sell them. They need to be worn and not sit in my closet for who knows how long. I just hope I can sell them for close to what I paid.

    Thanks for helping me talk this out.

    New here...what is the 'HTF thread'?
  15. HalieB - The HTF thread is where we all post HTF or great deals on CLs from stores, eBay, etc. You can't post your own auction or listing though, so we'll have to be on the look out for them!

    Can you return them?