Christian Louboutin 2014 Resolutions/Goals

  1. * Borrowed the thread idea from dear carlinha over in the Hermes forum!!

    First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all CL lovers from around the globe!! :dothewave:

    Curious to find out what you've all resolved to do (or not do haha) in the pursuit of great shoes this year!!

    Do you plan on getting your first pair? A particular style, skin or colour? A UHG? Editing your current collection? Putting shoes to use that you haven't worn yet?

    I'll get the party started! :yahoo::happydance:

    This year I've resolved to:
    - wear my lesser worn styles out more often
    - find the perfect "older style" Pigalle 120mm
    - get my size UHGs (in my siggy)
    - better storage solutions :lol:
  2. I like this idea! Okay, my resolutions are:

    To actually *WEAR* my shoes more often! I don't want to collect them just for the sake of decorative beauty, shoes are meant to be WORN!!

    To finally get my DIY projects done.

    Try and limit any more "Black" purchases. I need some color in my life! To get my first nude, pink and red Loubis.

    To limit the purchases I make on eBay so I can go crazy during the next sale season :smile:.
  3. Haha, this is very handy, considering I just made shoe-related resolutions today!

    Mine are:
    Wear and enjoy the shoes I already have, ESPECIALLY the CLs!
    Finally master walking in my Pigalle 120s and Escandrias
    This one bums me out the most and will be harrrrd, but for the sake of my pocketbook, closet space, and my husband's nerves, stop buying shoes in 2014, for crying out loud! :yucky::throwup:
  4. This is so neat. I never make new year resolutions...I've always believed anything worth setting a goal for doesn't have to and shouldn't wait for a certain time of year for implementation. But this has to be fun and lighthearted so I can't resist.

    The things I want do in 2014 are:

    Create a collection thread (that way my visits here can be more deliberate)

    Wear my shoes more often

    Take more action/what are you wearing today pictures (that way my visits here can be more deliberate)

    Limit my time visiting the purse forum

    And not be heard too often
  5. Happy New Year everyone!
    Great topic :smile:

    * to wear my existing CLs more often and stop lusting after new ones.
    * sell the ones I don't wear because of the poor fit or can't think of appropriate occasion/outfit
    * master the Pigalle 120 and wear them out. It's been A YEAR and I still haven't got the guts to wear them out, yet selling them is out of question :sad:
  6. Happy New Year!

    My CL resolutions are:
    -Wear the shoes I have more often (I sense a running theme here...)

    -No more new purchases until I get my UHG (black with red peeptoes in either 85, 90mm or 100mm heel any style except Mater Claude's)
  7. I have kept to my past CL resolutions;
    To buy proper fitting heels
    Stop splurging on pairs I will never wear.
    Sell uncomfortable high heels
    Stick to under 140mm or flats

    I'm going to keep to these resolutions for 2014!!

    I found my pair of Pigalles 120mm (prior to 2013) in black patent!! 37.5 is hard to find! I wore them last night!! Love love love them!!!!!

    I did just purchase a pair like 10min ago- geo flat in emerald. So I will have to find a pair less used to sell. I don't like dusting my Loubies!

    Happy new year to all the CL forum ladies!!! Good luck sticking to your guns!
  8. Love this idea! Lets see...

    -Buy more unique pairs (stay away from black for crying out loud).
    -Wear my heels more. (There's always an appropriate pair for every occasion!)
    -Limit my purchases for DIY strass and save for sale season instead.
    -Don't buy them unless I LOVE them AND they fit (which often times feels like a shot in the dark when I fit 37.5-39).
  9. Get my Louis strassed, purchase another pair or two and continue to support my girlfriends pursuit of more shoes.
  10. If my brother is serious for a Las Vegas birthday trip...I want sneaker in python! That would be my 2014 resolution! :p
  11. 1. To wear at least half of the pairs that I have not worn yet (5-7 pairs) before buying a new one! And limit buying (so the bf doesn't get mad :p)

    2. To get my UHGs: Pigalle Metal Nodo, Perche Soleil Pigalle 120mm, more Un Bouts, Pivichic Rose 100mm, Pigalle 100mm/120mm in the neons (yellow, orange, rose matador), Pigalle that's quite a lot :noggin:

    3. Buy my sister her first CL pair, and get her hooked too!

    Great topic!
  12. To finally buy a pair of high-tops! Mens are so difficult to find and my size is so common that I can never find them and always end up buying other brands instead but I have wanted a pair for years!
  13. Happy New Year Everyone!!! :drinkup::partyhat:

    So lets start...

    1: Get a better storage for my CL's (as at the moment they are all over the place)

    2: NO more black shoes

    3: Wear my Loubis more often

    4: Hopefully this year I will finish my DIY strass project I started ages ago and never managed to finish them.
  14. This is a great thread!

    Ok so I need to buy more BASIC pairs. Go figure. I've not done a collection thread yet, but mine is certainly far from basic. I seem to be attracted to the odd/wild ones.

    I also need to refrain from being a SALE-a-holic. Unfortunately, I've failed miserably already having purchased a second sale pair today. I trick myself into believing that I NEED them bc they're on sale.

    I'd also like to actually wear my CLs more. I wear them as often as I can, but that's still not often enough to offset the cost of one pair of shoes.
  15. For me:

    - wear the shoes more often!!
    - no more black shoes
    - break in my wedding shoes!!
    - next pair would be a pair of either the no prive or número prive in beige or a glitter