Christian Dior's "Samurai" bag - should I get it?

Aug 21, 2008
I've been swooning over Christian Dior's limited edition Samurai bag since it first came out last year. But way too expensive at $3,900. But I found it at a boutique today, marked down to $889! Should I get it? I'm on a total purse ban and with the economy in the dumps I'm hesitant. But it's $3K off the regular price!

What do you gals think? And for the record, it's actually much more "wearable" then it looks. It looks like a tiny bag in photos but it's a pretty decent size. While not a total everyday, throw around bag, I'd def wear it out on Fridays and the weekend. Thanks!




Jan 5, 2007
YES YES YES! I Love the design of these bags, so it's kind of sad they weren't that popular, they're truly AMAZING and works of art, but still wearable in 20 years. GET IT! :yahoo: (and remember to post reveal!)
Sep 7, 2008
I almost got it in purple at the Dior store in Sydney. It's a really interesting and different bag. I ended up not getting it, and the price had something to do with that. If it was going for $889 here, I'd be buying one in every colour I could find. Go for it.


in the fast lane.
Jun 27, 2006
It's an absolute work of art, as many of the other posters said! I would get it if you believe that it would fit your clothing/lifestyle.

I personally would be hesitant to get it because I have a casual style that consists of mostly jeans/casual dresses.