Christian Dior swing coat and D&G cropped jacket

  1. This may be my first time posting here...usually I'm on the Chanel boards but thought I would share with you gals my latest coat and jacket purchases for the winter.


    Christian Dior houndstooth blk/white swing/cape coat
    I had been eyeing this since it first debuted in the boutique but couldnt bring myself to pay retail for it at all. So I patiently waited...even was told the Dior boutique had only one size 36 left in the whole country...but then Saks in NYC luckily had one left too and my SA there held it for me till the one day Designer Day 40% off sale recently!!!


    Dolce & Gabbana crepe cropped bolero jacket
    Also from Saks, was waiting for this to go on sale too and finally snapped it up during the one day Designer Day sale =)

  2. Love em!!
  3. Great finds- both look great on you
  4. Congrats! I absolutely LOVE the Dolce jacket...!

    The outfit is perfect...
  5. That's awesome! Patience totally pays :}
  6. ^^aww thanks girls!!! =)
  7. beautiful finds! and superb Saks SAs!
  8. Omg I LOVE the first one!! The second one is adorable too, fantastic finds
  9. Fab coats, I love love love the Dior jacket
  10. I love the Dolce!
  11. Both of those are beautiful! It makes me aspire to become skinny enough to fit that Dior jacket.
  12. so cute!
  13. Great jackets!
  14. Love the bolero with the watch! :tup:
  15. They look GREAT on you! I really love the D&G cropped jacket