Christian Dior SS13 Show

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    So, what did everyone think of Raf's first RTW collection?

    I personally think that he did a great job; albeit less elegant than past collections, but I like the simplicity and adored some of the prints/materials.

    Thoughts/favourite looks?
  2. I loved the collection. Every piece has intricate tailoring and/or detailing. Here are some close-up pictures which really speak volumes about the savoir-faire of the House of Dior, as well as the creativity of Raf Simons.

    Although Raf has revolutionized the House of Dior almost overnight, he maintains the couture-to-RTW strategy that John Galliano introduced to the House. For instance, the ball gowns with cashmere tops were reminescent of the couture gowns that he presented in July.
    _VIE0036.450x675.JPG _VIE0045.450x675.JPG _VIE0056.450x675.JPG _VIE0111.450x675.JPG _VIE0140.450x675.JPG _VIE0148.450x675.JPG _VIE0227.450x675.JPG _VIE0261.450x675.JPG _VIE0291.450x675.JPG _VIE0303.450x675.JPG
  3. Here are more close-up pictures. Raf's architectural sensibilities really shine through in his clothes, which sharply contrast the romantic and embroidery-rich clothes of Galliano.
    _VIE0332.450x675.JPG _VIE0378.450x675.JPG _VIE0412.450x675.JPG _VIE0470.450x675.JPG _VIE0504.450x675.JPG
  4. That's a rather uncomfortable looking toe! :P

    I love the knotted-looking dresses! And I adore the colour palette used throughout the collection!
  5. :yes: I loved that there was continuity from the haute couture to the ready-to-wear. Unlike Bill's collections this showed a clear and unified direction for the clothes.
  6. Video from Dior's YouTube channel:

  7. I wasn't too grabbed by the RTW collection, but I LOVED the shimmery/iridiscent fabric he's used on the dresses! does anyone know what the overlay fabric is that has this effect?

    some of the bold colours also reminded me of past S/S collections which shows Raf tried to stick with Dior's history while injecting his own idea of the world of fashion
    603259_580626635767_776017021_n.jpg _VIE0111.450x675.JPG _VIE0140.450x675.JPG _VIE0148.450x675.JPG
  8. It's satin duchesse and metallic organza. :smile:
  9. thanks for that eminere :biggrin:
  10. Some of the looks, pictures from Dior's Facebook page:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  11. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  12. I definitely like this collection more than the previous F/W 2012 Haute Couture show where the make up on the models reminded me too much of his last Jil Sander show (bright red lips, eyes looked almost bug-eyed, too wide and big like they were in shock)
  13. I love the black tux suit and I quite like the softened New Look coat dresses (something a little GFF there). Otherwise I won't be dreaming of Dior, what is it with all these pointy shoes (Dior, Saint Laurant, Hermes...)?
  14. In terms of innovation, I think that Raf Simons really hit the mark in contrast to Hedi Slimane's YSL collection (which was presented today).

    Slimane's YSL collection was very nice, although it didn't look very new, unlike Raf's Dior collection. He may have stuck a bit too close to the archives (but to be fair, it's his first publicized collection for YSL, and most designs stick to the archives for that). The only new thing that I noticed was Slimane's trademark super-skinny sihouette.

    Maybe it's just that Raf's use of metallic organzas and colour blocking which made the Dior collection seem way ahead of its time compared to the YSL collection.

    Here's a vote from Vogue UK:
    The review shows a bit of hesitation, as in "we expected more", which is what I felt after seeing pictrues of the YSL collection.
    _ON_0012.450x675.JPG _ON_0096.450x675.JPG _ON_0148.450x675.JPG _ON_0164.450x675.JPG _ON_0336.450x675.JPG _ON_0379.450x675.JPG _ON_0499.450x675.JPG _ON_0558.450x675.JPG _ON_0572.450x675.JPG _ON_0718.450x675.JPG
  15. Cathy Horyn's review of the Slimane YSL collection in the New York Times was not as nice.

    Who could blame her, since she was deliberately not invited to the show because she gave Raf Simons credit for the skinny suit in 2004. So many years later, Slimane is still bitter.

    Here is a passage from her review:


    I agreed with the fact that there was really nothing new in Slimane's collection. I guess that makes Raf Simons the winner this season :biggrin: