Christian Dior Saddle bag question

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  1. So I'm also taking a look at purchasing my 1st CD Saddle bag (the biggest size) and have three questions:

    1) Does it hold your basics (i.e. - small wallet, compact, cell, keys, etc)?

    2) Is the touch-tape closure very secure or does it seem a little flaky?

    3) What color/fabric looks the best w/ this style?

    Any help is much appreciated since I've never owned one before...tia!
  2. I have a feeling that Noriko will be perfect for this one. She has a great saddle collection.
  3. jasanna143> Here is my $.02

    1. The saddle bag will hold the basics but you really have to trim down any "unnecessary" items. For the wallet, a thin one without the coin pocket can help to keep the thin shape. Dior does offer a nice thin one.

    2. velcro is as secure as it sounds. Things won't fall out but it's pretty cheesy for such an elegant bag.

    3. Solid color shows better in this style since it has a unique shape and several shinny hardwares on it. Nylon is nice and light and goes well with an evening dress. Leather is bulkier and goes well with less formal ware.

    Go to the store and try them all. It's fun to get the SA to bring all the goodies out. Good Luck.
  4. Thanks very much for your advice! I thought the velcro was a little cheap in my opinion as well. Thought it would be a magnetic snap closure, etc but oh well. I'll have to head to NM and see if I like them in person.
  5. Alrighty, here's my 2 cents as well (now you have 4).....

    I find it a little small now, really gotta trim down. It's hard to use it as anything more than 'a night out' bag, for me. Velcro is no problem at all. I got a light denim version (maybe 5 years ago, and would have preferred a leather now that I think about it). But still very happy with my saddle, do take it out on occasion. And Saddles I'm sure will last for a long time more to come. Doesn't really matter about the print I think cause they keep on coming out with more. If you are more conservative, than go with one without a print. :smile:
  6. I replied to your PM :biggrin: I agree with the ladies above and that you can't fit EVERYTHING in it :lol:

    I am a huge fan of saddle bags and have only had one bad experience with a saddle bag. They have been very durable and I love how new ones always come out. I'd say get a leather one as a starter and then get a bunch of prints :biggrin: IMO the leathers tend to hold up better, the printed cotton material tends to ball, not badly if taken care of, but definitely not something to use everyday. The jaquard logo saddles tend to hold up better than the printed ones also because they are stitched really tight...with the print, if a piece of material balls up the paint will come off as well.

    I'm rambling now, so if you have any more questions please post them :biggrin:
  7. Ha! I understand ya but thx a million again for your helpful hints! I might go w/ a black or brown and then start my collection w/ some prints! Any other suggestions from anyone else is as always appreciated too!
  8. I was searching for some information about Dior and I came across this - more than 10 years ago. And saddle bags are soooo back! :yahoo:
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