Christian Dior handbag quality is ..?

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  1. I've heard that in general, Dior bags tend to rip easily and they're made poorly for such a hefty price.

    I really wanted to get a Christian Dior bag from the girly line, but if its going to be crappy material, then no thanks.

    How has your experience been with your Christian Dior bag, honestly speaking?
  2. Is this true? I just bought my first Dior (the white gaucho tote). I am curious too as to what other fella bag lovers experience with the quality of the bags. Good questions!
  3. I think the leather bags are more durable. The girly series are made of cloth so get's dirty. I think the quality is excellent. This really depends on what you plan to do with the bag. I don't take my nice bags out to dirt bike riding.:lol:
  4. I have a saddle bag, I think it's deerskin. I seems to be of very good quality.
  5. I have a small Dior Gambler that I got for Christmas. I haven't carried the purse a great deal. But there are times when I look at it, I think a knock-off could have been better made... I think it's because the stitching on the handle isn't the best I've seen... And the leather, especially on the handles isn't that "amazing" to me. I know the purse is the real deal, but sometimes I think it's a lot of money for what I got. Althought the chain and hardware is nicely made.
  6. I think it really depends on the line, but in general they have been good to me. I just took in my red detective saddle for repair yesterday due to ripped lining, but that was the first incident of major quality issues I've had with Dior. Other times have just been minor and the company was good about replacing it. I think they are on par with most of the other luxury brands.
  7. I think it depends on the line the Guacho seen great! I also like their detective line, but their wallets don't look too good.
  8. I have one frmo the girly line and although its cute, it is the bag I regret the most.
    I think I read that its now in the outlet stores, so maybe its not so bad as opposed to shelling out for full msrp!
  9. Yes, its at the outlet now. I agree about it not being so bad (since its half price), even the ones at the boutique looked like they were getting dirty :sad:
  10. I've been buying Dior bags for many many years now and have a large collection, I've only had a few problems with my bags but overall I give their quality a big thumbs up.
    The problems I've had was the pearls coming off all of my D'trick bags and I had a problem with my Dior girly boston where there was glue discolouration around the zip (common with the first run of this bag). As disappointing as those problems were Dior handled them perfectly so it wasn't a big deal.

    I'd recommend a Dior bag any day :biggrin:
  11. If you don't abuse them, they are lovely, but I agree they are on the fragile side. If you get any of the canvas bags, use them sparingly, they tend to attract dirt-- especially the Girly colllection. : (
  12. I have 2 dior bags...the large black ballerina and the pink boston. The lining of the ballerina ripped after not even having it for a month. The pink boston has held up quite well but it got dirty really easily.
  13. depeds on the line and i noticed that the bags made prior to 2000 are better quality than these days ( i only own saddles and tlady d´s and there it ws quite obvious)
  14. What exactly do you mean? Were you able to return the bags for new ones or get them fixed? Just wondering...
  15. i had a dior girly bag for about a month, i bought it used. the flowers were fraying, sadly. for the money, i would have though the quality would be better. its the only dior bag i've owned. if i got another, i'd probably get a leather one.