christian dior christmas 2011


Feb 2, 2008
Edinburgh, Scotland
Does anyone have a full list of the limited editions Dior bags introduced for Christmas 2011 with pictures? Thanks!
all leather goods sold in boutiques from the Christmas 2011 collection can be found on this page of the Dior website:

Some products can be purchased through the online boutique on their website, but please note that not all products can be purchased online and whether or not this is possible depends on whether it's offered in your country. On viewing products, if you see 'On-line boutique' as an option, the online shop is available in your country


Angels and fairytales
Jun 11, 2007
Glamourous NYC! (;
It doesn't show the limited edition mini lady diors from the 2011 christmas collection. =[ I was wondering if anyone had pictures of them.