Christian Dior bag

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Apr 19, 2007
I just posted under the Dior forum. Did I do it correctly? Thanks for all of your help!

You needed to post in the already formed Authenticate this Dior thread. When you using the app, you navigate to the Dior forum. At the top of the Dior forum are two tabs "threads" and "stickies". Click on stickies. Then select the 'Authenticate this Dior' thread. Once you are in the thread you click on the reply to this thread button which is at the top right hand side of your screen (looks like a file folder w/ an arrow.)

I will alert a Dior mod to merge your thread to the correct thread.

This one will be closed. Sorry for all the rules but that is what keeps our forum so organized. It will get easier to navigate, promise!
Not open for further replies.