Christian Brando, son of Marlon Brando, dies *update*

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    Exclusive: Christian Brando Has Died
    Posted Sat. Jan. 26, 2008 1:07pm by Libby Keatinge

    Christian Brando, the eldest son of the late legendary actor Marlon Brando, died this morning at 1:47 a.m. at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles, Calif. On Monday, Christian's attorney Benjamin Brin announced that the actor was hospitalized with pneumonia. "The prognosis is for a complete recovery," Brin said, "He's going to be OK." Christian was 49 years old.

    Christian Brando was born May 11, 1958 as the result of an affair between his father and actress Anna Kashfi. Christian pled guilty to manslaughter in 1990 for killing his sister's boyfriend Dag Drollet.

    in 2001, actor Robert Blake claimed that Christian was involved in the murder of his wife Bonnie Lee Bakley. Bonnie had been dating Robert Blake and Christian when she became pregnant and initially claimed Christian to be the father until a DNA test later proved the father to be Robert. Robert was charged with her murder and acquitted, then was later found liable in a civil case.

    Christian dabbled in acting, and had small roles in Yentl and I Love You, Alice B. Toklas! but never acheived the level of fame as his Academy Award winning actor father.
  2. OMG! He was a year younger than I am! I'm wondering if it was really what they said...

    This is also the first I heard of his death. I remember when he was given literally a slap on the wrist for the death of Cheyanne's boyfriend, and his connection to the Robert Blake trial.

    Sad, sad man if you ask me. I cannot imagine growing up as the child of Marlon Brando.
  3. I think he had a sad & dysfunctional life. May he rest in peace!
  4. did you know Marlon Brando has 8 children by 4 different women and 3 more adopted children? one of his daughters (Cheyenne) by a different mom than Christians committed suicide in 1995. how tragic it must be to lose children. I never knew he had more children than Christian and Cheyenne. I hope Christian is finally at peace.
  5. On the news here it said he had a drug & alcohol problem. These things will shorten your life.
  6. I think what saddens me is that drugs and alcohol are ways to self medicate when the pain is overwhelming or when you just want to be numb because you can't face life. I feel for addicts that die from their addiction.
  7. He had a hard life, IMO
  8. I agree Roo, a very hard life. Back then things were not public like they are now, and the children of the rich and famous often suffered in silence.

    As for the Bonnie Lee Bakely deal, she used him. With the murder of Dag, I'm still up in the air on that one. I think he had special treatment, but at the same time, I think he needed more medical help than legal then. (From what I know now.)

    BagsNShoo, I did not know Marlon had all those children! I only knew about Christian and Cheyanne! Wow, I wonder how the others are doing?

    Marlon ticked me off big time when he used the Oscars for his speech on Native American Indians. Although I think his intentions were somewhat honorable, he knew NOTHING of the real struggles... all fo it had been fed to him by publisists. He still behaved like a rich white man.
  9. Speeds! I feel the same way when people talk about Latin Americans or Hispanics! Thats such a blanket "white man" term to me. Do they have any idea of how many "tirbes" there are in Native American, or Latin or South "American" culture there are???????? It makes me laugh.
  10. Here's a more detailed article:

    Christian Brando Dead at 49

    Son of Marlon Brando Dies After Lengthy Hospitalization for Pneumonia, Family Representatives Say

    At left, Christian Brando, son of the late actor Marlon Brando, in a Los Angeles courtroom in July 1990, during a preliminary hearing in his trial for the murder of his sister's boyfriend, Dag Drollet. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

    Christian Brando Dead at 49

    Son of Marlon Brando Dies After Lengthy Hospitalization for Pneumonia, Family Representatives Say

    Jan. 26, 2008 —

    Christian Brando, the troubled son of late actor Marlon Brando, has died in a Los Angeles hospital, according to published statements by Brando family representatives. He was 49 years old.

    Brando died early Saturday morning, according to a statement by David Seeley, an attorney representing Marlon Brando's estate.

    "This is a sad and difficult time for the family," Seeley said in the statement, published by The Associated Press. recently reported that Brando had been admitted into Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center Jan. 11 with an undisclosed illness and was in the facility's intensive care unit. The New York Post reported today that Brando was suffering from pneumonia.

    The People magazine Web site today quoted his ex-wife, Deborah, as saying that he was in a coma and on a ventilator when he died.

    "His body was totally compromised," she told the magazine. "He'd lived so hard. ... This is just so sad."

    The roller coaster that was Christian Brando's life began even before he was born, as his famous parents -- his mother was tempestuous actress Anna Kashfi -- married just around the time of his birth, then parted acrimoniously less than two years later. That set off a lengthy custody battle that was resolved in Brando's favor when the boy was 13 years old.

    Christian, the oldest of Brando's 11 biological and adopted children, grew up in both Los Angeles and Tahiti, where his father owned an island and later sired several half-siblings for Christian. Among them was a beautiful but unstable half-sister, Cheyenne, with whom Christian was close.

    In 1990, when she was 20 years old, Cheyenne confided to him that her boyfriend, Dag Drollet -- father of her unborn child -- had been physically abusive to her (though that was never substantiated). Soon afterward, Brando shot Drollet dead in his father's mansion on lofty Mulholland Drive, sparking a media frenzy.

    Cheyenne was immediately whisked away to a hospital in Tahiti, and was not made available to testify at legal hearings before Christian's murder trial. He ended up pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 10 years in prison; he served six years and was released in 1996.

    Cheyenne commited suicide in 1995. Her son, Tuki, is being raised in Tahiti by her mother, Tarita.

    Once released from prison, his notariety faded, Brando seemed to live a quieter life -- though not for long. When Robert Blake's wife, Bonnie Lee Bakely, was murdered in Los Angeles in May, 2001, Blake pointed the finger at Brando, saying that he was dating Bonnie Lee at the same time, had made threats against her and was the father of a child she gave birth to in June 2000 (she had named the baby girl Christian Shannon Brando, though the child was renamed Rose Blake after a paternity test proved that Blake was the biological father).

    Brando was never formally charged in the crime and was cleared because he was away from Los Angeles when it occured. But Blake claimed that it was commited by a friend of Christian Brando's trying to curry favor with the actor's son. Blake was acquitted in the criminal trial but was found liable in a civil trial the following year.

    If that wasn't enough time in the tabloids, Christian made more headlines in January 2005 when his new wife, Deborah Presley, accused him of spousal abuse. He later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years probation, as well as required drug and alcohol counseling. The couple divorced six months later.

    In between his bouts with the law, Brando tried to launch an acting career, appearing in small roles in several films including, incongruously, the Barbra Streisand film "Yentl." But he was never able to move beyond the shadow of Marlon Brando, who died in July 2004.
  11. Can you elaborate?
  12. What a wasted life.
  13. How tragic...I hope he is finally at peace.
  14. sad and pathetic - some people never find their way in life
  15. I heard about that murder trial. awful! condolences to the family