Christabelle's Closet?

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  1. Has anyone seen this site? Used it? Know anyone who has?

    There's a Chanel that I adore, but no one seems to recognize (I found out yesterday I need to post this question in another section of this website) and I'm also eyeballing the LV Multi in white.

    The pictures don't show me enough to be 100% sure, but their no return policy is waived if a bag is found to be non-authentic and may be sent back for a full refund. They've assured me that they've never had this problem before, etc., etc., etc.

    Any thoughts, experiences, information would be much appreciated.

    I'm going to post this on LV now as well.

    Christabelles Closet - Designer Resale Boutique
  2. hum interesting, never heard of this site before..i don't think i would pay 675 for a bag that was 1000 though
  3. Actually, when I expressed an interest in the Chanel and the LV, the price came down.

    I know I need to take this back to "authenticate" - but, since I'm asking about the site - if anyone here can place the bag I added the link to, PLEASE let me know.

    Greatly appreciate it.
  4. I don't know anything about this site, but they do appear to have a metallic bowler that I thought someone was looking for. I only mention this in case someone's looking for it. However, I have never heard anything about this site whether good or bad. Hopefully someone can add some more insight.
  5. I hope so, too. I'm starting to feel like Stalker Poster. :wtf:
  6. yes, please post in one of the Authenticate This! stickies
    ALso, we do not allow duplicate posts, we don't allow one here, one in LV, etc. . .
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.