Chrissa, the American Girl Of the Year has a SEWING MACHINE!!!

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  1. I just new I liked her!!!!!! I love her pretty blue eyes and short dark hair (wish they were curls but she is great at standing still and being patient for them LOL!) You must see her craft center!!!!!
    Word to the wise ~~~
    If you ever plan on having a little girl (anywhere in your vicinity) you must get this craft center!!!! I haven't completey checked her out, yet~ I had to share her sewing machine with the gang that would understand! [​IMG]

  2. I don't know much about American Girl (no kids here.. yet), but how adorable is that sewing/craft station!!!!!! That's exactly how I want my own work space to look like. Love it!

    I just looked at the site. She has her own pet Llama? Hahaha!
  3. That's cute! I don't have kids and probably never will, but what a great thing for little girls!

    I remember American Girl books. I only remember Samantha, Molly and Kirsten though. I just googled and it makes sense- they started up in the mid 80's and that is when I would have been the age for them. They have added so many girls to the line up now!
  4. It is so sad, Elizat.... they just retired Samantha!!!!! But my daughter had an old fashioned Singer machine for her to use!
  5. ^ Really? I wonder why. She was my favorite. I liked Kirsten and Molly equally well. I bet we should have kept the old books. I think I had one of the dolls too. Gosh, that was probably about 20 years ago!
  6. ^^I would like to believe that they are going to do what they did with Felicity ~~~retire her and bring her back with all new things.... the only reason that she wasn't getting a lot of attention in the end was because they really weren't marketing her ~ so one can hope!!!
  7. omg this is seriously SO CUTE!!
  8. Awhhhhhhhh that is so cute! I still have Samantha and Addy in case I ever have a little girl, plus outfits and all that!!!! ;)
  9. Cool Tyger! There is another thread about AG in the family section of the tPF.... I have posted Addy's World and plan to post all the other worlds my oldest has for Samantha, Kailey, Josephina, Kaya, Marisol, and others (as soon as she starightens them out~LOL) My youngest girl has Felecity and Bitty.

    This craft center was just too cute!!! You can get it while it's available as save it Tyger (or set it up now ~ I won't tell!!!! :P)
  10. Oh man that is awesome! I still have my Molly, but I lost most of the parts of her outfit and she's currently wearing a Yankee uniform from a stadium giveaway a few years ago.
  11. The Yankees outfit is great! Collectable yet trendy! I have one, too, uhem my daughter has one ~ still in the bag I'm afraid!!!
  12. They're retiring Samantha? She was my favorite American Girl. I loved her outfits. XD
    It's been years since I read American Girl. I think I'll take my cousins to go check it out.
  13. They retired Sam in December... she was backordered until June near the end.
    Hopefully they bring her back!
  14. That is so sweet! Does anyone have a picture of her?
  15. This is Chrissa. She has two friends and so many wonderful pieces... the only problem is that she is only around for one year!!!!! :sad:


    Look at her shoes!!!!!!!