Chris O'Donnell and sons in Aspen for Christmas


Jul 12, 2006
he is so handsome:drool:
Grey's Anatomy actor Chris O'Donnell was spotted out in Aspen over Christmas with two of his sons. Out with him were Christopher Eugene Jr, 6 (whom they call Chip) and Charles McHugh, 3 1/2 (aka Charlie). Chris and his wife, Caroline also have Lily Ann, 7, and Finn, 9 months.
he was married years ago... i believe his wife was (or maybe still is) a schoolteacher. what a cute family!

he was one of my celebrity crushes when i was a kid... lol. i used to read those teenybopper magazines and cut out his pictures, along with other actors, and put them up on my wall
I had a crush on him eons ago! I didn't know that he was recently on grey's anatomy. Then again, I never watch that show. The last film that I saw him in was Kinsey, and he was quite good.