Chris Cornell committed suicide

  1. I didn't see this posted? :crybaby:
    Apparently hung himself.
  2. Death Of Chris Cornell, Powerhouse Voice Of Soundgarden, Ruled A Suicide

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      In 2012, King Animal was Soundgarden's first studio album in 15 years. Lead singer Chris Cornell died Wednesday night in Detroit. A representative said the 52-year-old's death was "sudden and unexpected."

      Courtesy of the artist
      Updated at 2:25 p.m. ET

      Chris Cornell, the unmistakable voice and frontman of the bands Soundgarden and Audioslave, died overnight in Detroit at the age of 52. He was discovered just past midnight at the MGM Grand Detroit, according to police.

      The office of the Wayne County Medical Examiner on Thursday determined the cause of his death to be suicide by hanging, noting that a full autopsy has yet to be completed.

      "His wife Vicky and family were shocked to learn of his sudden and unexpected passing, and they will be working closely with the medical examiner to determine the cause," Brian Bumbery, Cornell's representative, says in a statement. "They would like to thank his fans for their continuous love and loyalty and ask that their privacy be respected at this time."

      Cornell played a seminal role in the origins of grunge music, founding Soundgarden in 1984 with Kim Thayil and Hiro Yamamoto. Together with other Seattle natives Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains, the band — and Cornell's voice — would go on to define a sound that cherry-picked elements of punk and metal and distorted them into a distinctive brew all their own.

      first studio album in about a decade and a half — a fact NPR's Rachel Martin mentioned in a 2015 interview with Cornell, shortly after he had just released a new solo album.

      'Maybe Sincerity Is The New Punk': Chris Cornell On Embracing Space

      Rachel asked him: Do you need both the band and the solo work to make you whole as an artist?

      "I would live without both parts. But it's a lot more satisfying to have them. It's great to still be having new experiences with the same group of guys — because we invented a band together, and kind of co-invented a genre of music. Being able to come back and experience being a band together at a different time in our lives has been really rewarding, but it's also just really nice to still share some part of my life with these people that have been so important to it.' "

      Cornell had been on tour in Detroit at the time of his death.
  3. Heard it this morning, still can't believe it :crybaby:
    I loved Soundgarden. That voice!
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  4. Such a terrible loss.
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  5. This is so very sad.
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  6. I also heard about it this morning... shocked... even more so now that it may have been a suicide.
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  7. So, so, so, so sad.
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  8. Im so shocked and saddened i loved Soundgarden and Audioslave but someone of his best vocals were in his solo albums/songs... by far he had one of the best voices...
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  9. With Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley and Scott Weiland, you kinda knew it was gonna end tragically. But Chris Cornell? I dunno.. never expected anything like this.
    I'm having "Singles" flashbacks, and listening to Seasons, the song he wrote for the film. Such a beautiful song.. and such a terrible loss.
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  10. Damn.
  11. I JUST posted this on my FB - I love that movie

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  12. I was really shocked and hurt when I heard this on the radio this morning. I loved Soundgarden.
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  13. lol.. that was an awesome scene!!
    I love it too, need to watch the entire thing this weekend.

    My heart really feels heavy over his death. Almost like the last of the greats from my generation is gone..
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  14. May he rest in in peace... :sad:
    Now there is only Eddie Vedder who remained from the grunge era...
  15. I had no idea he was still battling with himself. I was at a festival a couple weekends ago and Soundgarden was headlining, but I left before they came on cause my ride wanted to go. Shoulda Uber'd home and stay to watch. I did get to see him front Audioslave maybe 12 years ago.
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