Chris & Adrianne Do Russia

  1. Has anyone watched?? I must say those 2 are a good match. They are over the top but they do crack me up. It was on last night on the WE network with reruns throughout the week.

    It gave me good pointers on where not to stay in Russia, LOL.
  2. Who are Chris & Adrianne?:shame: I would have liked to seen that show (I am from Russia) just to see if I agree/disagree with their choices, etc.
  3. Chris Knight (peter brady) and Adrianne Curry ( America's next top model winner)
  4. Did you see them on the Chelsea Handler show? She's a big time weed smoker and she said it's totally illegal there and so she couldn't smoke and she's not a big drinker but she downed vodka the whole time so she was completely drunk the whole time haha.
  5. nice.
  6. They met on that show the Surreal Life. They were in Moscow and complained they had to pay everyone off to do things, then they ended up in a small town I cant remember the name which they didnt like, but their final stay was in St. Petersburg and she raved about it alot. The cathedrals were amazing. They went to a vodka factory and Stalins summer home too. It was nice to watch just to see that part of the world.
  7. Oh wow I didn't know they had another reality show. Is is a one time special or another series?

  8. Ah, yes! Now I remember! My Fair Brady was the name of their show, wasn't it? Anyhow, thanks for the recap. I wish I'd seen it but from the sounds of it (esp. the Moscow part) they are right on the money.
  9. Okay, this has to do with Russia, but I have to sort of set it up first, so bear with me . . . .

    I have this list of things I want to see in a particular country if I ever actually go there.

    Right now it's:

    If I go to London (again)
    The Tower of London
    Hampton Court Palace

    If I go to the Czech Republic
    The Franz Kafka museum and Franz Kafka's grave

    If I go to Russia, I'd love to see anything having to do with the Romonovs. I always though that was such a sad time in Russia's history.
    Also, if the Faberge eggs are on display, I'd love to see those, too.
  10. What channel is it playing on? I don't know about it but would love it!
  11. It's on WE

  12. Thats it! I couldnt remember the My Fair Brady part :p It is replaying a few more times this week if you get the "WE" Channel. They really are a riot!