Chriatian Louboutin To Start Walking In Them.......

  1. I went to the mall today to pick up my new LV Multi white wallet....only least that was the plan...and I happened to stop by NM just and only to check things out and there were a pair of blue leopard heart stopped and I just grabbed them asking the SA for my size....

    I got them in the new sculpted heels and they were more walkable then the old style...

    BUT they are still so hard to walk in.....I am usually size 7 1/2 for my prives, but I could even fit into 6 1/2 for the pigalles...but I ended up getting 7 becuase 6 1/2 were too narrow and I wanted to give my feet some room width wise.....and some room for shoe petals or gellies just in case my feet hurt(though I hate sticking things into high end shoes)

    Anyways, I came home and put them on and start waking around the whole a very awarkd way.....stumbled couple times...but they are just so super sexy to go and return them and forget about them....

    How do you Pigalle owners deal with walking in them? how long does it take to get used to them? How long should I wear them per day? (they are definetely not the best walking shoes..I know):confused1: I will probably wear them only couple times a month or maybe even a year...

    Let's share the pigalle stories...:p

  2. Are these the ones you bought? Gorgeous! I don't have any Pigalles at the moment, but have certainly heard about their reputation ~ sexy but painful.

    Picture courtesy of
    CL Pigalles Blue Patent Leopard.jpg
  3. I think smooth has the pair she bought.
  4. Yes, those are the ones that I got, only I think the heels are a little says 120 pigalles....on a little sticker on the box.....I guess it's saying 120cm heels probably.

    The weird thing is they are NOT painful as I thought....I was wearing them around the house the whole time yesterday and up and down the stairs....but it was just hard to walk in them.(Balance)

    I will post pix of them soon!
  5. Here are some pix of the pigalles that I brought home yesterday. The ultimate sexy shoes...:yahoo:
  6. ^^ Wow, 120cm, these look way sexier. Looks fab on you! Ooo, I want a pair of Pigalles too!!!
  7. I have a pair ..pigalles I bought them in October 2006 and I only started wearing them recently I think with all heels and especially CL's they can not do many hours of wear...I know people who only go from car to destination and destination to car

    1. I wear mind only to commute to and from work ....
    2. I bring other shoes with me during my work day just in case my feet can no longer take the pressure
    3. I wore these shoes atleast once a week before I left the house with them ......
    4. I wear them once every 2 weeks

  8. such sexy shoes I would def love a pair pain :crybaby:and all :yahoo:
  9. Wow, they look fantastic on you!!! Congrats!!!
  10. Congrats on your new CLs!:yahoo:
  11. Congrats! I have the same ones posted in the Louboutin thread. I love them dearly. I dont have any problems with high heels but I have had many years of practice. If I have any tips of any use it would be to do some ankle strengthening exercises and to remeber to stand up straight and never look down at your feet. Practice! especially walking up and down stairs gracefully.

    once gain congrats and enjoy every moment of wearing these beauties!
  12. Those are HOT!
  13. I finally understand the whole foot fetish thing. Your shoes are leather sex!! I need a cigarette......:coolpics:
  14. Holy Necroposting!
  15. ^:lol: