Chossing a NEW LV MOD!!!

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  1. HEY ALL this is Megs.. I am going to choose a new MOD right now. The first person to answer this question will become an LV mod... When was the fisrt Speedy 30 produced...??????????
  2. This was all Vlads Idea.. He made me register as BIRKINBAGADDICT so that i can test you guys... To see if you guys indeed pass the test....
  3. Wasn't the Speedy introduced in 1933 or something?

    Megs??? :weird: I am getting very suspicious of this...anyone else?
  4. I need exact dates.... Months and days also...........
  5. I don't believe this is Meg.
  6. I don't know the answer.. but I'm a little IFFY too..
  7. Bag*Snob you will see the results. Give it time sweety.

  8. :nogood: me either!
  9. Sunshine please hold on for this one. Forgot to PM about my plan
  10. Remember the first one to answer becomes a MOD!
  11. Weird that someone would choose a mod for a forum by a single question that could easily be googled..

    and asked in such an unprofessional manner..

    but thats JMHO.
  12. :dftt:
  13. I spoke the John about this plan. Has he PM anyone about the plan. We are short of mods.
  14. I am closing this thread, but came in to let anyone know who questioned this- that is is indeed NOT me :nogood:

    Just a troll pretending to be me.

    Thanks all!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.