Chose mother of groom dress- need jewelry help

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  1. I finally decided on my MOG dress for a July weather; the sleeves still need to be altered to be partially off the shoulder- hair will be in a low do to the side; silver glittery sandals. I'm not sure if this dress would look better with big chandelier earrings and a simple dainty necklace..... Or, more of a blingy statement necklace and small earrings? There are too many choices and possible combos out there- anyone have any specific suggestions?

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  2. I think you should try out everything i.e. necklace or earrings (but not both) and photograph it. Whatever you do will be there for posterity in wedding pictures so I would choose accordingly. You look great in the dress and love the off shoulder look on you! I think I would vote for the earrings as long as your hair won't obscure them.
  3. I would take a cue from the Red Carpet and vote for statement earrings and a bracelet with no necklace-show off your neckline. You may want to add a fantastic brooch to your updo or the dress depending upon if you are wearing a corsage. The dress looks really nice on you.
  4. Thank you! I decided to go with just statement earrings -my 2 choices are posted in the Jewelry forum here; I decided on the Carolee.
  5. :tup:

    Glad to hear it, you will look fabulous
  6. Love love your dress. I am of big earrings, and no necklace look. The neckline of the dress is so pretty that you don't want to distract from that. You are one hot MOG!