1. anyone have chopard happy diamonds sport watch? just went today to nm at short hills and fell for one.. i think im getting the happy diamonds sport edition 2..any thoughts or feeling?
  2. I'm waiting to get mine. LOVE IT!
  3. I have the chopard happy diamonds. The square one with 7 diamonds. Its great. I enjoyed wearing it for several years but now I want something new.
  4. Here's mine. Midsize with 7 floating diamonds and a diamond bezel :love:

  5. Niiiiiiiiiiiice:drool: !
  6. i have one too... the oval happy diamonds sport.. i LOVE IT!!!

    but i love the other ones more.. the fun ones with like shapes inside
  7. OMG, that gorgeous!!! :drool: :drool: :drool:
  8. I have the round one with 7 floating diamonds. I'm thinking of sending it back to Chopard in New York and having them put in either pink or blue sapphires.

    I absolutley love the one with the diamond bezel, it's gorgeous!
  9. I have Happy Sport Snowflake - just like the one in the pic. I looove it :love: - it's classic and different at the same time.
    Happy Snowfalke.jpg
  10. I love the happy sport watches. I went looking for one, and ended up with this because they didn't have what I wanted. Now, I want to go back for the oval HS with diamond bezel because this feels too fancy for everyday (although I loveee it!)

  11. Hot! Keep it! You don't want to go to oval ones anyway because square ones are cuter. I mean if you really want to 'downgrade' (not sure why you would, LOL) go for a square one. I have the 'starter' one :P (i.e. square with 5 diamonds on pink leather strap).

    Anyone else think that the metal bracelet for Happy Sport is totally hideous (especially for the oval version)?
  12. Oh no, this is a keeper for sure!! I want the happy sport for everyday. The case on this one is 18kt white gold, not steel, so it's pretty soft and scratches easily and it is definitely showing the fact that I wear it almost every day.

    You're right, I like the square better, but I have this Chopard, and an Hermes H-Hour, so it seems like I NEED a round watch!
  13. Choppard has beautiful watches. My next to get. I think the Happy Fish is really cute but I'll probably go with something a little more classic.
  14. I have several Chopard Happy diamond watches. This one is my favorite. I have a gold oval with diamond bezel. Gorgeous. Plus most Chopard watches come with several bands to change.
  15. I played with them for the first time yesterday. How fun! I'm not sure it's me, but wow. They're completely over-the-top fun.