chopard with blng vs rolex with bling only on markers

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  1. he=y whch would you choose between the 2 as in the same amnt of a rolex steel gold 31 mm with diamonds on markers i can get a blingy chopard. what would it be?
  2. Rolex :tup:
  3. definitely rolex
  4. Rolex
  5. Chopard! Much prettier!:yahoo:
  6. can we see pics of which rolex and which chopard to give an answer? *teehee i love looking at watches*
  7. I'd go with Rolex too!
  8. Do you want more bling? If so, get the Chopard. The markers don't stand out as much on the Rolex. Both are great choices. The Chopard floating diamonds are beautiful and stand out a lot because they are big and float.
  9. I have both. My Chopard is the Happy Sport large square face with 7 floating diamonds and diamond bezel (lots of bling ). My Rolex is a 31mm SS/18K Date Just.

    They are totally different watches. The Rolex is much more sporty, but with that said, I wear my Chopard with jeans and tee shirts as well.

    I love both but if I had to choose, I would go with the Chopard. I love watching the floating diamonds move across the face ;)
  10. Chopard, no question! It is more unique, more fun, and more feminine, IMHO. I have three Chopard watches (my SO has more than a dozen) and my latest acquisition is a Happy Sport XL with five large floating diamonds and big diamonds around the bezel. Sky blue MOP face and sky blue croc band. Beautiful!!
  11. Rolex. most def.
  12. Rolex - no question.
  13. Rolex!
  14. I love the Chopard that Schmodi linked. As much as I love Rolex, I'd have to go Chopard this time- it's much more rare as well.