Chopard watch: to my two loving hearts!

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  1. Hello my lovlies! I got this absolute gorgeous creation as gift from me to myself! (We are entitled to do so.. right?)
    The two hearts resemble:
    Pink: My mother (whose dementia got sky rocket worse this year)
    White: My baby boy whom is the love of my life, turning one this month!

    Its been a rough emotional year. And this limited edition Chopard was released years ago.. and i really loved it back then yet post ponded acquiring it to only find myself loosing hope of finding it again! But I came across it while replacing the battery of my happy sport and this time I didn’t hesitate a tiny bit nor let go!

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  2. Gorgeous ! and I love the symbols.
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  3. Great, bittersweet, story...enjoy your gorgeous watch!
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  4. Beautiful watch. :love:
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  5. What a gorgeous and sentimental piece. Enjoy!
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