Chopard price increase???

  1. Hi everyone---

    Has anyone heard anything about this?? I *just* (as in last week!) received a catalog from them with prices, and today an SA at Saks told me that they have increased the prices by 12%! I have been debating buying the Happy Beach watch for a while now and was going to buy one in early March (when my tax return came).

    I know that "prices are subject to change without notice," but WTF?? I am so irritated that I have been talking to this SA for a while and she did not even bother to mention this! I know the SAs sometimes don't know, but still.....

    OK, thanks, I just needed to vent....

    I will never get my Happy Fish now....I am having trouble justifying a price that is >$1000 over what it was yesterday.:crybaby:
  2. hmmm try calling the Chopard at Southcoast plaza and see if they can help getting your Happy Fish
  3. Thanks---

    I have tried a couple of boutiques and apparently there *is* an increase....I just wish they had mentioned this before--I know SAs are not necessarily privy to all of this information, but I can't help but be annoyed that prices have jumped >10% without apparent warning.

    I will try SCP in the AM.

  4. Gold jewelry is going up 'across the board' either by now or if they haven't already done it, by March 1st according to several jewelers I spoke with. At least 10% is what I was told. It is due to the skyrocketing price of gold. They are just getting the prices to what they should be based on gold's value. If your watch is not gold then I have no idea why there would be an increase beside that they just decided to have a price increase. It could have something to do with the dollar/euro exchange rate as well.
  5. There was an increase a little around new year's. I was looking at the watches and the SA told me that I would get the "old" price as the item was out of stock.
  6. I was at a jewelry store today that carries Tag Heuer (sp?) , Cartier, Rolex, Raymond Weil, and a few other brands. The salesman told me that Rolex is raising it's prices something like 10%, and that all the other brands would follow suit. I asked him why the prices were increasing and he said because of the price of gold. I asked him if stainless steel watches would also go up in price, and he said yes, but he didn't have a good explanation for that.

    So if you're looking to buy a mid to high end watch anytime soon, you may want to ask your jeweler about any possible price increases.
  7. Do you get discount from Saks? If not, don't buy it there. Purchase directly from a Chopard's boutique. You can get at least 15% off the listed price. Up to 40% discount if you go to licensed watch distributors.