Chopard lovers?? Please post your pieces

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I searched the forum for Chopard and discovered a few watches but couldn't find much else...

    Could someone advise me on Chopard bracelets and perhaps post pics of yours?

    I fell in love with a bracelet in Selfridges on saturday....

    I read on a thread on another forum that Chopard bracelets were seen as old you agree?

  2. Any Chopard lovers around.....?
  3. I love Chopard too but have not own any yet. I love their Happy Diamond Collection! :smile:
  4. i don't have their bracelet but i do have their pendant and it's one of my very first pieces of jewelry...i love the little floating diamonds inside...which bracelet are u looking at?
  5. I have a pendant and a ring. Love them!

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  6. I love that the diamond is free to 'roam' around! Price wise, do you think it's worth it and is it more expensive compared to Cartier or VCA?
  7. Here's mine. I would say price is comparable on some of their bigger diamond jewelry. They don't run cheap. But depending on the collection and if your going for the simpler design it can be cheaper than VCA and cartier. Oh and mine doesn't come with the chain I have on it now. It comes with a wheat chain. Mine is a rondel chain with diamonds on it. I just switched chains.

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  8. Lovely! I'm dreaming of Chopard everyday! :smile:
  9. My pink gold Chopard bracelet.

  10. Hard to say. I got mine at their recent sample sale in NY at 70% off retail. To me, they were well worth it.
  11. Thanks so much. And I think I need your ring! ;)
  12. I agree, it's the Happy Diamond Collection I am looking at :biggrin:
  13. I can't actually see it on their website but it was in the Selfridges store. There were two in the Happy Diamonds collection that I liked. :biggrin:
  14. Great the animal a lion? Are you a leo? :biggrin:
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