Chopard happy diamonds collection...

  1. How many people are fans of the Chopard happy diamonds?

    Do you think its worth the price dad thought it was a bit too 'kiddy-ish" and for a quartz watch, he thought the price tag was a bit much especially with some that had rubber bands

    I also was looking at the 18K yellow gold heart shaped earrings with the diamond inside... many decisions as Im also looking at the van cleef & arpels magic alhambra necklace and possibly the J12 33mm in black since I love my white one so much and wear it like 90% of the time...
  2. Totally love Chopard!!!! Ive been loving the floating pendant with the moon and stars for sooo many years but just cant get myself to pay the price for

    I think that they are truely unique and wonderful pieces....I like it better than the Arpels alhambra necklace that is being copied everywhere....
  3. Hi I think chopard make beautiful unique pieces... But I love vancleef, they have georgous jewelry besides alhambra, check Frivole line, i have the earrings and ring in yellow gold, i always get complements when i wear them so take your time, go and try on pieces until you fall in love with one..
    good luck, let us know when you end up getting..
  4. I think Chopard are famous for doing beautiful ladylike playful jewellery for women who love gorgeous things without being too serious about it!! I have always loved Chopards take on the whole jewellery thing,I worked with Chopard for many years and totally 'get it'. The workmanship and quality of stones they use are exquisite,I would have such a hard time picking just one peice,but the Happy Diamonds watch is one of my favourites of theirs!!!
  5. I love the happy diamonds watch, I think it's TDF. I'd just have a hard time spending that much £££ on a rubber strap. If you love it go for it, it's a beautiful piece.
  6. I like the rubber strap,bit quirky. But I would def invest in a metal bracelet first and then get diff colored rubber straps to change and play about with.But I do think the straps dirty very quickly,and I feel they are aimed at peeps with a lot of disposable income.
  7. I think you can buy the watch with a rubber strap and upgrade later at the boutique to the metal bracelet.

    The rubber strap has always given me pause, as well. But apparently you can also buy additional rubber straps for the watch. (I'm lazy, so I'd probably opt to just get the metal bracelet, but I guess it's just a preference thing.)
  8. I'd personally get the Van Cleef Alhambra necklace. It is more elegant and you will probably wear it more over time.

    Are you talking about that Chopard rubber strap version called "Happy sport"?
    I agree with your Dad, do you think you'd still like it 5 years from now when you are more established?

    If so, then get it! Nothing else matters as long as you LOVE it!;)
  9. I have a necklace and matching ring from this collection and love it! The watch is amazing!
  10. Does anyone have a picture of their watch in action? I'm trying to decide on the 25 vs 33 mm size--the former seems so small, but my boyfriend just pointed out that my old Movado was 25 mm. I'd love to see how that size looks with a blingier watch, though.
  11. I ended up getting it as a Christmas pressie from the grandparents:

    Chopard Happy Beach with croc leather straps in dark navy, blue and red--decided to stock up on straps incase I had to change them later


    Basically like this watch but with croc leather straps instead of the rubber band

  12. I love Chopard Happy watches. I've been watching them seriously for about a year. I like to ss oval face with the floating diamonds. It is to die for. I have noticed that Costco carries them. Does anyone have any experience with purchasing watches from Costco? The prices at Costco are similar to that of other online retailers.
  13. ^^i got 30% off on mine and no tax--paid cash...

    so you can get good deals, just got to look around

    asian jewelers tend to give the best deals i heard...

    and yes, theyre big known ones so they are authorized dealers as my family has bought many watches and jewelry pieces from them over time.
  14. ^Love all the stuff you got. Which auth dealer gave 30%? The most I've been able to find is 20% on Chopard.
  15. I love some pendants. . . they're in my little "wants" folder on my PC ;)