Chopard bear cub rings-sooo cute!

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  1. I ran across some photos of these adorable bear cub rings from Chopard. Has anyone seen them in person? I'm wondering how large they are on an actual finger. I love the little diamond pave one.
    chopard-bears-collection.jpg 125608277077374719_K8nIXZ5m_c.jpg
  2. They are a bit too cutesy for my taste as I like my jewellery either classic or slightly 'dangerous'. Having said that Chopard does these more light hearted pieces well.

    I like the YG example best as it's not so teddy bear. The diamond encrusted also comes in champagne colour diamonds but they both look a bit 'fist full of ice'. What I do like are the snowflake-cutouts on the undersides, that is a beautiful touch.

    I should think they are quite large on the finger :yes:.

    Thank you for drawing my attention to them in any case :flower:
  3. I think they are adorable! I love the all gold one.
  4. Adorable and fun!
  5. they're very cute...they almost remind me of something Tous would do, but on a higher end level!
  6. I agree - a bit too little-girlish for me too, but I love Chopard:smile:
  7. Omg this is too cute ! My bf bought me a teddy for our 1st anniversary. We both childishly play with the bear like a kindergarten child. Lol !