choosing where the LV item was made

  1. I was just thinking before, do LV allow you to choose where your bag/accessorie was made. Like if you had a bag that was made in Spain and wanted a purse to match, could you specifically ask for a made in spain purse ?, has anyone ever done this ?
  2. I think here are a lot of members who specifically ask for bags "made in France" - it sometimes seems to take a while, but that should depend on where you live :yes:
    Personally, I don't care about where it was made :P
  3. I have read that many members do request bags made in France. I do not have that option since there is only one store in my state that sells LV, and my options are very limited.
  4. I usually choose made in France and the SA has no problem with it. Just my preference.
  5. I prefer U.S.-made bags as my experience in recent weeks with the French-made ones has been pretty awful, but most of the small accessories are made in Spain. Have been for ages so it doesn't bother me in the least.
  6. What happened to your France made items?:wtf:
  7. I mistakenly thought the Made In France items had the best quality, I see now that it's hit or miss wherever the bag was made. The piece I recently got was made in france and the stitching is crooked on one part, part of the bottom of the bag doesn't align properly, and the top of the accompanying care booklet was lopped off crookedly. lol. I guess there really is no such thing as a perfect piece no matter where it is made. I'll no longer specify a country of origin, but I will examine the pieces personally to ensure I get one that is as close to perfect as possible regardless of where it is from.

    But, should you choose to ask for a piece that was made in a particular country, the SA should oblige and bring one out for you if they have it in stock. It is certainly your choice.
  8. I honestly don't care where they're made. They're still LV and that's all that counts to me.
    It's good to know about your experiences with the Made in France ones though, Pupster!
  9. :yes: Basically that's how I feel as well. The bag is exactly the same wherever it's made. It's just the esthetics of the bag that people want. I just want the bag. The bag is what is important to me.
  10. I don't really care where it was new Damier was france. I got home and looked at it and was kind of excited to get a made in france from the boutique (since my other boutique buys were all made in usa).
  11. It was sort of nice to have my first LV to be a "made in France" one, but it doesn't matter to me where they're made. It was just by chance that the wallet Elux sent me was made in France.
  12. I'm generally happy to get a vuitton, period. But I did remember asking the SA to find a Made in France purse for me. She went to the back and found one. I would've bought one anyway if they don't carry a Made in France one. But yeah, that would be my preference. :P
  13. i don't care where it is made as long as the piece is defect free, to me, location don't matter. i always ask for a few pieces to compare just to make sure that i have one that i am comfortable with.
  14. All of the bags I checked at the store that had problems were French. Some were off by as much as five millimeters.

  15. I honestly don't care. LV is LV.:shrugs: