Choosing the Right Trim

  1. I need opinions. I have my eye on three Hermes Shoulder bags. I am tall (5'9) and like roomy bags. I was at Hermes recently and my SA offered to give me a call when a new shipment of the new Victoria sholder bags come in or I have been looking at two Trims on LV's site. One is 31cm Rouge H and the other is 35cm Sable Clemence.

    Curious to know opinions on sable color. In clemence will it show dirt easily versus Rouge H which I imagine is easier to keep clean. Color-wise also is sable as neutral as Rouge H?

    Opinions on 31cm versus 35cm. Any preference for the sizes.

    Inner lining: Those with trims that are lined with linen versus suede. Is suede easier to keep clean. Does the linen make the bag lighter? BTW, thetwo bags I am considering, the sable 35cm has the linen lining and the 31cm Rouge H has the suede.

    Your opinions would be greatly appreciated as I weigh my options.
  2. The 31 trim is not a big bag. Are you looking at Trim 1 or Trim 2 (zipper on the top and the panel at the bottom.)

    If you like a roomy bag and you are 5'9" -- I'd say go with the 35. I'm not familar with the Victoria. Anyone have a photo?

    Good luck! Trim's are great!
  3. I believe it is the II. Here are pictures of the two Trims I am considering and a picture of someone else's Victoria so you can see the style.
    Victoria.jpg trim31rouge.jpg Trim35sable.jpg