Choosing my first Speedy


Which is your favourite Speedy?

  1. Mono

  2. MC

  3. Damier

  4. Azur

  5. Epi

  6. Perfo

  7. Miroir

  8. Denim

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. The Speedy is just such a classic LV shape that I HAVE to get one, finally.
    I'm leaning towards the Mono or a Red Epi.

    While I mull over my decision, let's hear from all of you, which is your favourite speedy?
  2. I would definetly want to know as well :smile:
  3. I personally love the miroir- but as a more practical choice I'd pick the damier/
  4. mono speedy 25.. hahahaa.. that's the only one I've got.. lol
  5. This is way too heart. If I have to pick one and only one, I'd go for MC white speedy. I don't have one yet but hopefully soon (I have a plot in mine) =P
    For some reason, my perfo speedy got lots and lots of compliments so that's my second choice.
    Third choice goes to epi...... especially red. But pick something that will work with most of your wardrobe.
  6. I'd go with epi for 3 reasons
    1 no vachtta probs
    2 sublte ie doesn't scream LVLVLVLVLVLVLV
    3 Not faked as often as mono or even damier and denim
    4 colour (oops 4 reasons)
  7. Azur! It's my one and only speedy. Mono and Damier are also great, but it's much easier to find great classic designs in those two lines than Azur, KWIM? Also the colors of Azur really pops out, such a fresh combo!
  8. Hey, what about the mini lin???
  9. A vote for the epi speedy - love it! :yes:
  10. The red epi would be a great first Speedy!! Definitely go for something classic :yes:
  11. I pretty much love them all but I think my favorite would be the Perfo and Damier.
  12. Oh my, I love them all. My 1st was the Denim Speedy which I love dearly :love: But for this price you could get two :nuts: Azur & Damier? Azur & Mono?
    Whatever it'll be, you can't go wrong w/ a Speedy! :yes:
  13. Oops, sorry! Forgot the Mini Lin :smile: Apparently it was in the previous page of the LV website where I searched for 'Speedy'.

  14. I love white bags, I don't care what they say, you can carry them all year round! Go for the Azur Speedy!
  15. azur speedy 25