Choosing My First Rolex

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Please help me choose my first Rolex! My mom is getting me a Rolex for my master's graduation. I probably won't be getting a second one in a good while, so I need to make a wise choice! I tried a few today and narrowed down to the Datejust 36mm or 31mm, silver stainless with oyster bracelet, silver dial and diamond markers.

    I am a plus size woman and like large watches, but I'm tentative about getting the 36mm Rolex because I think that might not be as timeless as the 31mm. The 31mm looked pretty good on me, and it's a classic and sensible watch, but not so fashionable as the 36mm. So, what should I do?
  2. 31mm. I'm a man and I find that the largest size that I want to wear is 39 mm, so I find that 36 mm on a women would look like a hockey puck. But then again we all have different opinions :smile:
  3. Don't feel compelled to get the 36mm because other people like it. The 31mm is timeless and perfect too, and a more modern look than the 26mm classic ladies' size. Since these are such substantial watches (heavy, tall on the wrist) I found the 36mm simply too masculine on me and went with 31. Great size. :smile:
  4. Another vote for the 31mm. I looked at the 36mm myself, but it just looked too big on my wrist. The 31mm will always be in style.
  5. Do you have any wrist shots? Sounds like 31mm would be the safer choice.
  6. I have the 31mm and it's a great size.
  7. I have both sizes and if its going to be the only one I'd pick the 31mm.
  8. I am plus and have a 31. Plain all white gold no diamonds. I wear it daily.
  9. 36 mm :smile:
  10. I have the midsize oyster w/ silver face and diamond markers and LOVEEEE it!
    Perfect for day or night and is classic IMO.
  11. I too would go for the 31mm. I have a 31mm all stainless jubilee bracelet diamond dial and it goes with everything. I soo love a watch.
  12. I have a 31mm and think it is the perfect size.
  13. Hey everyone, thanks for the comments. I went to the store again yesterday and looked at both one more time. I like both, but think I like the 36mm better. The 36mm is more exciting, and the 31mm is more sensible. I took some pictures:



    With such an expensive item, I don't want to make a mistake. Ahh!
  14. From the bottom picture I think the lugs are overhanging your wrist.
  15. what are the lugs?