Choosing my first LV Handbags.. Any Advice?

  1. I've always wanted a real LV handbag. Finally I can afford one, any advice on which would be my best bet for a starter bag? I like a handbag that I can put on my shoulder, but not necessary a shoulder bag only. What do you guys think?
  2. I recommend the Manhattan GM. You can put it on your shoulders, use as an elbow bag or a handbag.
  3. :yes:
    or try the Batignolles horizontal or vertical......
  4. If you want to have your hands free, then I suggest a shoulder bag. If it doesn't matter, then look in to a Speedy. They're affordable, and everyone seems to like them. They're stylish and you can fit a lot in one. If you'd rather have a shoulder bag, look into the Batignolles Horizontal, that was my 1st LV. Even though it doesn't have a zipper, don't worry about people being able to see what you have inside, because it stays tucked under your arm nicely.
  5. I recommend the Damier Saleya MM.
  6. What LV line do you like? I think 1st timers usually go for monogram. Yeah a speedy is trendy and affordable and easy to carry around.
  7. if you like mono batignolles horizontal or speedy like others said. or popincourt haut.
  8. I have the popincourt Haute and I don't really like it. It's nice looking and very roomy but it's not really my style anymore. It's almost too "polished" looking for me. It is good when I need to carry a lot of things with me though. I would go with a speedy - unless you really need a shoulder bag. Good luck!
  9. I just bought a batignolles horizontal for my first LV. It is great on the shoulder or the arm.

    I love it so much that I have since bought a pochette and cles.
  10. Go for what line of LV you really like...most of first time LV owners...go for the classic monogram---mine was not! i bought a multicolor porte monnaie the first time.
  11. I currently love the mc speedy line. Would highly recommend it:yes:
  12. I second this, its an amazing bag.. and sounds like a good style for you? perhaps..
  13. BH is a great choice. I also would suggest the Cabas Piano as it's a little smaller but still holds a ton. Yes, it's more shoulder-bag only due to the strap length, but a wonderful choice nonetheless.

    Let us know what you decide!
  14. Here's what I think you should do. Go directly to LV and try on all the bags that you find attractive. Tell them this will be your first lv, so they can give you some advice and help you make a good decision. I'm so excited for you! Picking your first lv is so much fun. Be sure when you make up your mind that you ask for a box. Sometimes Sales associates don't automatically give you one. I think you will be amazed at how many styles you are going to like. Have fun and be sure to let us know what you get!!
  15. :yes: :yes: This is the best advice!

    You might want to think about generally want you want before you go...shoulder, stachel, clutch....mono, damier, epi....etc.