Choosing my first chanel

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  1. So I'm determined to purchase my first chanel, but I can't decide which one I want. I want something I can use pretty much daily.
    I've narrowed it down to these three:

    1) a jumbo flap bag like this-

    2) a large classic flap bag from the Le Marais Ligne Collection-

    or 3) a chanel shopper tote, but my concern with those is that I'm only 5'0 tall and 95 lbs so I think those may be too big on me.

    :wondering Please help me decide
  2. of the two, I love the Vintage Jumbo much much more :smile:
  3. I've always a place in my heart for a jumbo - perfect first Chanel.
  4. Thanks, I think I like the jumbo the best too. Now I have to decide between silver or gold hardware haha, decisions decisions. Which hardware do you like best?
  5. Another question, does anyone know how much the new jumbos run?
  6. Hi littlepea! A lambskin jumbo flap is $2875 USD and a caviar jumbo flap is $2650 USD. I personally like black with silver hardware. I'm also 5'0 tall and 95 lbs, and I find the jumbo a little too overpowering on my frame. I prefer the med/large size, but unfortunately it's not roomy inside.
  7. def the vintage jumbo
  8. I like the vintage jumbo :smile:
  9. Vintage jumbo in silver hardware. I hope you get it! I have a white jumbo, and I've been craving a black one, so if you get it, I can live my life vicariously through you.