Choosing my first Balenciaga

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Aug 31, 2008
I've wanted a Balenciaga for so long, and I've been BLESSED to be given one as a gift for Christmas! My only problem is that I don't know which one to purchase. I've looked at so many different Balenciagas and it seems like everyone's "City" is different sizes. Sometimes the City is really tiny, and sometimes its huge. And when I look at the description on the "Giant City" and "City" the measurements are the same, yet one is giant and the other is not? I, personally like big purses, so I don't wanna purchase a City and be disappointed on the size. Another thing I've been dwelling on is, the hardware. I can't really decide if I want my Balenciaga with it or without.

If you girls can answer my questions and give me tips, it'd be greatly appreciated :smile:


Jul 1, 2007
bay area, CA
I am a balenciaga newbie myself. I am pretty sure "giant city" refers to city with giant hardware vis "city" just with regular hardware.

Have you read through the helpful threads in the reference section? It lists the measurements exactly. Also look through all the modeling pictures and the city club pictures.

Familiarize yourself with all the abbreviations and lingos then look through the pictures will help you tremendously.

Good luck! You are lucky to be getting one as a present :tup:


May 16, 2006
Hello! Please refer to the main board for answers to your inquiries. There have been many threads discussing hardware options, color, model options, etc. Please do a search. Try doing the search with "vs" such as "regular hardware vs. Giant hardware" or "city vs. work", etc. I am closing this thread for now.
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