Choosing between Speedy 30 Mini Lin in Dune or Rouge Red

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  1. I have an opportunity to purchase a Speedy 30 Mini Lin either in Dune or in Rouge Red. They're both second hand and both in roughly the same condition. I'm having a hard time choosing between the two and need your opinion. Any inputs? Pros and cons would be great!
  2. Dune! I saw it somewhere and found it really stunning. Sorry, this is only totally impulse, not really pro and con.
  3. That was my initial impulse as well. But everyone I asked after showing pics said the Rouge Red? Maybe pics don't do the Dune justice?
  4. I would probably get the Rouge. As much as I love Dune, I try to stay away from light colored bag (more specifically, fabric bags)- they tend to age poorly, especially if you will be using it a lot.
  5. Rouge!
  6. Aren't they both light-colored?
  7. I think the Rouge has those darker pink stripes whereas the Dune is overall a light colored bag. But, yes, I would consider them both to be light colored bags. :smile:
  8. Yes I would too. But probably the Rouge Red would be able to disguise stains slightly better than the Dune because it has the stripes.

    I'm totally thinking of getting them both.
  9. If you like them and can get a great deal- why not? I think they're both really pretty and you hardly see them. I saw one girl carrying a Dune Mini Lin Speedy - at a concert a couple of years ago and I couldn't stop staring at it. lol
  10. Thanks all for your comments. I decided to go with the Dune but I'll definitely keep an eye on the Rouge Red and grab it if it's still available later this month! It should arrive in the mail by Tuesday or Wednesday. I can't wait!